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Talking About Talking About Sex with Allena Gabosch

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The Heart of Jacks Podcast is up! After a not-so-brief introduction to me (your host Paul Rosenberg), I have my first conversation with Allena Gabosch, Bi, poly, kinky switch. One of the founders of both the Center and Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. She’s been teaching about poly and kink since 1993 at universities, colleges and the various sex positive communities as well as being a relationship and sex coach for the last decade. She’s currently semiretired (she’ll never fully retire) as she works in kicking cancer’s ass. The show is supported by listeners like you, patrons through Patreon. Find out more and add your support at

Episode Notes

A book in progress becomes a podcast in your ears.

Who the heck is this “Jack” person?

And talking about talking about sex with Allena Gabosch.

I'm Paul Rosenberg and this is Episode #1 of The Heart of Jacks Podcast, brought to you by me and supported by people like you, patrons through Patreon. Find out more and add your support at

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(Paul introduces himself)

(Paul interviews Allena Gabosch)

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